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St. Louis Bat Control

Bat exclusion is removing the bats from your home, office, or building, through ethical and humane ways.  Here is some information on the process we use to exclude bats.

  • Bat inspection:  You set up an appointment for us to come out and inspect the interior and exterior of the property for bats or bat guano.
  • Exclusion report: You will receive an exclusion report stating any and all entry points, damages, contamination, and repairs necessary to prevent future entry, along with the cost for the total bat exclusion.
  • Phase 1: in phase one we will seal all secondary entry points on the home and install 1 Way Door Bat Valves.  The Bat Valves will allow the bats to exit the home on their own but will not allow them to return.
  • Phase 2:  After 7-10 days we will reinspect to ensure all bats have vacated the property.  Once the bats have left, we will remove the bat valves and seal the main entry points on the property.
  • Clean Out:  We clean out, disinfect, and deodorize the areas of the building were the bats were present, sometimes this includes removing contaminated insulation and re-insulating the attic.
  • Warranty: All repairs performed by Trapper Joe's comes with a renewable warranty.

What is Bat Exclusion ?

What does Bat Guano look like?

Bat Guano Looks a lot like mouse

droppings.  You can distinguish

between bat droppings and mouse

droppings in two ways. First, bat

droppings tend to be clustered as

they will pile up below where the bat

is roosting. Second, bat droppings

will have a shiny speckled appearance

(from all the insect wings) and will crumble like dust when touched. Mouse droppings on the other hand, tend to be scattered about and become hard when dry. 

What is Histoplasmosis?

It is an infectious disease caught by inhaling the spores of the histoplasmosis capsulation fungus. While it is not contagious, the disease can affect a wide variety of the population who may not even be aware they are at risk

Ask nearly anyone, and you’ll hear that bats (although beneficial in insect control) can be dangerous because they carry rabies. But a lesser known danger, and one that is not as easy to avoid, is histoplasmosis, a disease you can get from exposure to bat guano (bat droppings).

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Bats can cause great damage to your attic and become a health hazard.  Attic restoration or clean up of damaged insulation is highly recommended to get your attic to its correct condition.  Bat guano (their feces) carry a wide range of bacteria and fungi spores which can become airborne if not treated correctly.  We are certified, licensed, and insured bat control specialists.  

Damages and Desease

Missouri Bat Control 

​We are a local family owned and operated Missouri based Nuisance wildlife control company.  We are proud members of NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association) and NWCOA Bat Standard Certified.  Because of the demand for bat control in all areas of Missouri we have expanded outside our normal service route. We have provided bat and other animal trapping services on residential homes and commercial buildings for 8 plus years.  We are a ethical and humane wildlife trapping company, specializing in bat removal and colony relocation.  We trap, exclude and relocate all nuisance wild animals small to large.  All of our bat removal services are done by live exclusions through a one way door system.  We have successfully completed thousands of live bat exclusions guaranteed backed with a warranty.  Once the bats and animals are excluded,  we perform all the necessary proofing repairs to prevent the bats and other wildlife pest from returning. ​   ​​

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