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Our beaver removal professionals are trained in beaver removal, beaver trapping, beaver control and in how to identify beavers and prevent future beaver damage.

Beaver Damage

A single beaver can cause significant damage to your property. They will bring down trees that they use to create dams, leaving a mess on your property and waterway. Dams built by beavers will often result in flooding, causing damage to nearby roadways, farmland and structures.
Our technician will assess the damage caused by the nuisance beavers and provide solutions not only for repairing the damaged area but will also present a prevention strategy. The sooner these issues are handled and addressed by our beaver removal expert, the lower the overall cost. Don’t wait to call Trapper Joe's if you have a beaver problem!.

​St. Louis Beaver Control

Have beavers invaded your property?

Don't try to set your own traps or tackle the situation on your own.  If you want to effectively address your beaver problem, you need a team of true professionals on the job.  And at Trapper Joe's Nuisance Wildlife Control, we're here to help.   Our reliable animal control team in St Louis, MO can put an end to the disturbance your beavers are causing.  Whether your property is residential or commercial, we can provide the beaver control services you need to rid yourself your problem and get peace of mind.

​Our animal control specialists have the skill and expertise to safely eliminate and prevent unwanted beaver intrusions, no matter their source. When you work with us, you'll benefit from our affordable service and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

If beavers have become an ongoing problem for your home or  business, reach out to the experts at Trapper Joe's Nuisance Wildlife Control for help.  Call us now to schedule your service.

Beavers Habitat

Beaver habitat is almost anywhere there is a source of water year-round. You can also identify beavers by the dams they build. They build dams to modify the environment to their liking. Dam building is often stimulated by running water. They are adaptable and will use whatever materials are available to construct dams, such as fencing material, bridge planking, rocks, wire, and other metal, wood and fiber materials. The beaver is unparalleled at dam building and can build dams on fast-moving streams as well as slow-moving ones. They also build lodges and bank dens, depending on the available habitat.

Beavers are not known to enter homes but will invade property and waterways in search of a good location to build their family den for shelter. Our beaver removal professionals will assess the problem and take the necessary steps to not only remove the beaver or beavers from your property or place of business but also repair damaged areas and reduce the possibility of future beaver invasion.

Beaver Description

Beavers can easily be identified by their large size, glossy red-brown fur, beady eyes, small ears and large orange incisors. Not to mention their large, flattened, paddle-like tail. Beavers are common throughout all parts of the U.S. Beavers occasionally growl, hiss or scream but frequently slap the water surface with their flat tails as a warning sign. While nocturnal or crepuscular by nature, Beavers are sometimes seen during the day.


 Beaver Control

​ Beaver Trapping, Removal, and Prevention

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