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EVIDENCE!!  A Raccoon left behind his paw print.

Raccoon Poop.  It Does not take long for this to pile up around your home.

Raccoon TrappingRaccoon damage repair
Removing Raccoon from house or atticRaccoon removal with babies
Raccoon eviction fluidRaccoon entry prevention 

Whether you have a raccoon in your attic or under your porch, we’ve got you covered.

Raccoon's can be very intimidating once they have gained access to your home or property.  They also can cause a lot of damage to the property. Like knocking over garbage cans, tearing holes in your roof, and using your attic as a litter box, which, is where the diseases they are known to carry will be living.  For more information on these diseases click

St. Louis Raccoon Control

Raccoon Control Service include but are not limited to the following​

Raccoon can tear through wood or metal with very little effort and can leave behind an expensive mess.

This guy has been evicted and is awaiting his new home.

What we do.....

Common Raccoon Trapping, Removal, Relocation, And Exclusion  Procedures 

Raccoon Control 

​St. Louis Raccoon Trapping And Removal

If you have a raccoon trying to settle in on your property, we can evict them in the most humane and ethical way possible. 

Here is how a typical raccoon removal process works:

  • An inspection of the exterior of the property is done to find all possible entry points

  • An inspection of the attic is done to determine if there is any damage or contamination.

  • You will receive a written report of the findings of the inspection, as well as an estimate to repair damages and entry points to prevent future wildlife issues.

           (All repairs performed by Trapper Joe’s comes with a 1 year                renewable warranty)

  • Traps will be set at the entry points to catch and remove the raccoon

  • After the raccoon is removed, the repairs will be done to prevent future problems

  • Contaminated areas cleaned out :
    • Contaminated attic insulation removal and re insulating
    • Feces and urine clean up, disinfecting, and deodorizing

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